What is this website? Where am I?

My name is Walter Mrowczynski III, this is my portfolio/blog. If you would like to know more about me, visit the About Me section.

Powered Speaker to Passive Speaker

Back at the end of February my local music store, The Laboratory, closed their Deptford, NJ store. Before they closed shop, I managed to get some pretty good deals on some gear, including a broken Peavey 118d powered speaker cabinet. I knowingly bought it broken for...

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DigiTech 2120 Issue (Repaired)

Wanted to share a recent experience with my DigiTech 2120 in case someone stumbles upon this and needs a variable to try. March 2016 I put a new battery in and update 2.3 firmware. Earlier this month (March 2017) the battery goes dead (heavy use) so I replace it. Last...

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1997 Epi LP Standard that I Rebuilt

I recently rebuilt this 1997 Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Replaced everything. EMG 81/85 in 18v mode, roller bridge, all black hardware, and all new electronics. I'm really happy with what I accomplished!

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When the Client Can’t Get Everybody on Board

I've created a number of networking group websites over the years and they all had one thing in common... until now. Their bios were well written by people who actually care about the group, their business, and not in a rush to just "get it done." I'm not going to...

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You know what really grinds my gears?

SiriusXM. They charged my card with no email confirmation saying they did so and no emails prior to the due date saying that the service was ending and going to be automatically renewed. I got a confirmation email in March when it renewed. Why not now? The only way I...

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New Updates

I finally updated my website portfolio for the past 2/3 years and updated my List of Concerts I've been to. I also removed several non functioning plugins that were never updated by their author, such as the World of Warcraft Armory. Who knows what will be...

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