You know what really grinds my gears?

SiriusXM. They charged my card with no email confirmation saying they did so and no emails prior to the due date saying that the service was ending and going to be automatically renewed. I got a confirmation email in March when it renewed. Why not now? The only way I found out about it was by looking at my statement. (yes, I frequently check my spambox too) I just looked at all the communication preferences in my account settings and Text Messaging, Phone, Email, and Mail are all set to send me things. I’ve opted out of non service related emails, but since this is a service related issue I see no reason why I shouldn’t be getting some sort of notification.

New Updates

I finally updated my website portfolio for the past 2/3 years and updated my List of Concerts I’ve been to. I also removed several non functioning plugins that were never updated by their author, such as the World of Warcraft Armory. Who knows what will be next…

I Should Really Update This More Often

I haven’t made a blog post in over a year… Lots of interesting things have happened since, I saw BLS a number of times, saw Van Halen, saw Motley Crue with Alice Cooper, Hellyeah, and TSO.

I’ve also had a number of people close to me pass away including my old jam buddy Joe Leesville.

Picked up a 9-5 job doing web design for a video company over a year ago. Probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I get to be creative, I get to build websites, I have responsibility, and it motivates me.

Got the band (Skull Dragon) off the ground for a bit, looking for a singer now.

A Funny Story…

I stumbled across some old emails from about a year ago when I was renewing my domain name, Since day 1 I have had it through, and that was 12 years. I also had this domain, registered a whole year before that with them. For those 13 years I never had to contact them, never had any issues with them, and I paid their $35/year domain registration fees with no coupons or discounts.

So last spring I needed to renew the domain and didn’t have a lot of money at the time. I explored my options and realized I could consolidate all my domains with Godaddy and be cheaper or continue with on and continue overpaying for my domain. I figure I would email to see if they would give a customer of 13 years a discount on the domain renewal since I saw all over their site they were having some sort of $.50 domain registration promotion going on.

I get a response back saying “Unfortunately the best we could give you is 25% off for the renewal, that’s all we can do, thanks.” I really had to chuckle at that because it only brings it down to $26.25, which is still more than triple what Godaddy would charge me. I continue on with the domain transfer from Register to Godaddy and as I’m getting my transfer codes I get a banner ad that popped up begging me not to leave and offering me $10 domain renewal. Still $3 more than what I payed with Godaddy, but kinda funny how their website doesn’t want me to leave more than their representatives want me to. If I actually got a deal like that from one of their reps the first time around then I probably wouldn’t have left. But they lost a customer of 13 years and they’re getting this negative review online. Back Up and Running

I am proud to announce that I have brought my most successful website, back online! I had the website offline for about a year until I could find adequate hosting for it and just had the domain point to the facebook page.

July 4th will mark the 13th year that the website has been online. 2001 – 2014

BLS just recently released their new CD, “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” on April 8th, 2014.

Catacombs of the Black Vaticancata white sm

RIP Leroy Wright

A little over a month ago I had to say goodbye to another one of my friends, Leroy Wright. Leroy taught Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society) how to play guitar. I met Leroy around 2007 through a mutual friend because he needed a new web designer and (coincidentally) we both lived in the same town, Jackson, NJ. I actually went to school with his 2 daughters as well. I used to spend so much time over at his place chatting about Zakk, drinking beers, and playing guitar. He also introduced me to many cool people and connections as well. I just saw him about 2 months before he died after not seeing him in a few years and he was looking great!
RIP Leroy, you will be missed. April 12, 1957 – January 26, 2014.