What is this website? Where am I?

My name is Walter Mrowczynski III, this is my portfolio/blog. If you would like to know more about me, visit the About Me section.

I Should Really Update This More Often

I haven't made a blog post in over a year... Lots of interesting things have happened since, I saw BLS a number of times, saw Van Halen, saw Motley Crue with Alice Cooper, Hellyeah, and TSO. I've also had a number of people close to me pass away including my old jam...

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A Funny Story…

I stumbled across some old emails from about a year ago when I was renewing my domain name, BlackLabelSociety.net. Since day 1 I have had it through Register.com, and that was 12 years. I also had this domain, SkullDragon.net registered a whole year before that with...

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BlackLabelSociety.net Back Up and Running

I am proud to announce that I have brought my most successful website, www.BlackLabelSociety.net back online! I had the website offline for about a year until I could find adequate hosting for it and just had the domain point to the facebook page. July 4th will mark...

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RIP Leroy Wright

A little over a month ago I had to say goodbye to another one of my friends, Leroy Wright. Leroy taught Zakk Wylde (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society) how to play guitar. I met Leroy around 2007 through a mutual friend because he needed a new web designer and...

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Website Portfolio Back Online!

After about a year being offline, I have found new hosting and an old copy of my sites on a backup hard drive and I brought my personal website and portfolio back online. Enjoy! Please pardon the appearance of the site while it is under construction.

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Samsung Galaxy S3

With Black Friday deals upon us, I managed to scoop up a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 (in white) for $50!  Let me tell you, I love this phone!  It is definitely a huge upgrade from my Samsung Intercept.  The super AMOLED screen is crisp and clean compared to my...

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