To work with a company utilizing my talents in web/graphic design, marketing, computer repair/setup/troubleshooting, audio/video editing, and music while learning new programs and skills in the process.


Work Experience and Notable Clients I Have Worked With


Professional Experience:

Web Director/Developer/Designer and Project Manager
Creative Visual Productions (Formerly Creative Video)
August 2014 – Present | Woodbury, NJ

Build, Maintain, and Manage website accounts for about 30 different websites/clients using the WordPress CMS and old school html.

Adwords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads campaign manager, Keyword research

Work on the Vidbi custom video player, a Video Business Card written with .php and .css

Video SEO, Social Media SEO, Website SEO

Graphic Design, Web Design, and audio editing using Adobe CS.

Setup domain registration, hosting, FTP, system administration

Frontend and backend development

Computer Maintenance in the office; installing/uninstalling hardware and software, fix crashes, build computers, fix my bosses constantly breaking computer and printer

Interview and manage Interns

Open/Close office, answer phone

Attend Networking Events and expos such as JerseyMan / PhillyMan, Camden County Chamber of Commerce, Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce, Tri-county events, Digital Summit

Frequent website evaluations and auditing

Fix broken/corrupt WordPress Installations

Web/Graphic Designer
Market Presence | Newark, DE / Cary, NC
September 2011 – Present

Build and old school HTML, Php, and WordPress websites for various clients in a telecommute situation.

Graphic Design and Web Design using Adobe CS.

Server setup, domain registration, hosting, FTP, email, SEO

Owner / Webmaster (Personal/Freelance)
Jul 2001 – Present

Black Label Society is Zakk Wylde’s band. Zakk Wylde is one of Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarists. If you don’t know who Ozzy Osbourne is, well, you’ve probably been living under a rock the past 50 years.

I have done EVERYTHING since the beginning on this website including setting up, domain transfer, hosting, DNS/MX entries, email setup, File transfer (FTP), etc… If you need to do it on a dedicated server or a shared server, I’ve done it.

Over the past decade plus, there have been so many different incarnations of the website utilizing different web technologies over the years including different versions of HTML, PhP, MySQL, CSS, JS, phpMyAdmin, Cpanel, Fantastico, WHM, as well as several different Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

In addition to server administration, I also Update News, Tour Dates, Pictures, Gear, Tablatures, Lyrics, etc.

I have worked with the band, record companies, sponsors, and endorsers to promote the band in a positive light

Website has been mentioned on 5 CD’s, 2 DVD’s, numerous promo materials from record companies, radio stations, and magazine publications WORLDWIDE.

Administrate and maintain a community of over 40,000 members (2004-2013, Facebook killed the online forum)

Send out newsletters, answer emails, create email campaigns

Google and Bing Analytics, Google Adwords/Adsense, Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, other misc Affiliate Programs like Commision Junction, Art/, Kontera

SEO, Video SEO, WordPress, Web/Graphic Design in Adobe CS, server administration

Web/Graphic Designer
Freelance Web and Graphic Design
July 1998 – Present

Build my own, friends, and companies websites using html, php, css, js, and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, phpnuke, Drupal

Set up websites and manage them backend with Cpanel, Fantastico, Web Host Manager (WHM)

Set up Addon, Parked, Subdomains, and redirects.

Set up FTP, e-mail, MySQL Databases, Analytics, Advertising Programs

Everything listed from all my other jobs I have done freelance too.

Web/Graphic Designer
Metaverse Corporation | Hamilton, NJ
February 2009 – July 2009

Design and build out art stores for clients in an ASP.NET environment using as a template for the number 2 art store on the internet.

Create content sites for SEO purposes to drive traffic to the art stores.

Create newsletters, email marketing campaigns.

SEO, keyword research, ebay selling, solve cross browser compatibility issues, hardware troubleshooting.

Website Template Developer / Video Editor
Pimco LLC | Asbury Park, NJ
Dec 2008 – Jan 2009

-Design loan modification website templates in Photoshop (none of which ever made it into production that I know of)

-Whitehat and Blackhat SEO, link farming

-Video editing

(*side note* Since most people that read this gets their panties in a bunch after reading the words “black hat SEO” Yes, I have done Blackhat SEO in the past and I am familiar with it, however I DO NOT use it in my regular SEO practices. I learned how to do it as an example of what NOT to do.)

Web/Graphic Designer
Insite Internet Solutions | Freehold, NJ
September 2007 – December 2008

Design, build, and update HTML/CSS websites for companies and businesses.

Create banner ads using Adobe Flash

SEO for websites.

Answer phone, meet and converse with clients.

Open and close office on a daily basis.


Skills and Experience

  • Have been building various types of websites since 1998, ranging from band/music sites, to video game sites, to art/poster stores, to business and corporate sites.
  • Experience with HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, MySQL databases, FTP/SSH, SEO,  graphic design
  • Can hand code HTML
  • Working knowledge of Flash, PHP, ASP.NET
  • Experience with Homesite, Dreamweaver, MS Expression Web, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition,  Adobe Creative Suite, and various other programs
  • Microsoft Windows Platforms, MS Office, Open Office
  • Proficient with various user end software. Any software that I don’t know I can pick up rather  quickly.
  • Experience with marketing, PR (public relations), online advertising, and affiliate programs such as; Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Kontera, etc…
  • Google Analytics eBay, PayPal
  • Social Networking, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogging
  • Content Management Systems; such as Joomla, WordPress, php-nuke, etc…
  • Audio/Video editing, Photography, Graphic Design
  • Forum administration
  • Computer Repair and Hardware/Software Installation
  • Server Administration with Cpanel, WHM, Fantastico
  • Server Maintenance; including domain setup, email setup, db setup, etc…
  • Tech Support; Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Problems via phone and email