meHello! My name is Walter Mrowczynski III.  Most people know me as the webmaster and owner of BLS is Zakk Wylde’s band (one of Ozzy Osbourne’s many guitar players) that he formed in 1998. I brought the site online on July 4, 2001. Ever since then, I have had the fortunate honors of meeting and partying with so many of rock and rolls biggest acts, making tons of friends, and being able to have experiences that others only dream about.

81 March 8, 2010All that aside, I am an accomplished guitar player. Music is my passion. (as well as web design!) I love playing guitar and it seems like there is usually a guitar in my hands at all times. I currently have my own band, Skull Dragon and plan on recording music in the near future.

I am also a professional web designer and computer junkie, so if you ever need a website or any computer work/repair done, let me know! I’ll charge cheap or we can barter!


Enjoy these pictures of me throughout the years!