I stumbled across some old emails from about a year ago when I was renewing my domain name, BlackLabelSociety.net. Since day 1 I have had it through Register.com, and that was 12 years. I also had this domain, SkullDragon.net registered a whole year before that with them. For those 13 years I never had to contact them, never had any issues with them, and I paid their $35/year domain registration fees with no coupons or discounts.

So last spring I needed to renew the domain and didn’t have a lot of money at the time. I explored my options and realized I could consolidate all my domains with Godaddy and be cheaper or continue with BlackLabelSociety.net on Register.com and continue overpaying for my domain. I figure I would email Register.com to see if they would give a customer of 13 years a discount on the domain renewal since I saw all over their site they were having some sort of $.50 domain registration promotion going on.

I get a response back saying “Unfortunately the best we could give you is 25% off for the renewal, that’s all we can do, thanks.” I really had to chuckle at that because it only brings it down to $26.25, which is still more than triple what Godaddy would charge me. I continue on with the domain transfer from Register to Godaddy and as I’m getting my transfer codes I get a banner ad that popped up begging me not to leave and offering me $10 domain renewal. Still $3 more than what I payed with Godaddy, but kinda funny how their website doesn’t want me to leave more than their representatives want me to. If I actually got a deal like that from one of their reps the first time around then I probably wouldn’t have left. But they lost a customer of 13 years and they’re getting this negative review online.