Back at the end of February my local music store, The Laboratory, closed their Deptford, NJ store. Before they closed shop, I managed to get some pretty good deals on some gear, including a broken Peavey 118d powered speaker cabinet. I knowingly bought it broken for $50 and figured that I could either get the crossover/amp repaired or rip out the guts and turn it into a passive speaker. Yesterday, I did the latter. Ordered a jack plate for a Peavey SP118 last week for $28 which came in yesterday, and replaced the one in the 118D. Everything sounds great and measures up with a multi-meter. $78 total spent on this thing, talk about a steal!

All I needed to do was snip the plastic wire adapters that were on the blown amp and solder the wires to the wires on the new jack plate. The speaker has a dual voice coil, however since I’m not going to be driving massive power into it, I opted to use only 1 voice coil and if that one blows, I’ll always have the backup.

I also picked up the AMPEG – BXT 115 HL8 on their very last day. I figured I would take one last look around the store to see what they had left and got another great deal on some gear.