With Black Friday deals upon us, I managed to scoop up a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 (in white) for $50!  Let me tell you, I love this phone!  It is definitely a huge upgrade from my Samsung Intercept.  The super AMOLED screen is crisp and clean compared to my previous phone. Looking back at my old phones screen, it looks fuzzy and doesn’t even look the same.  The performance and speed of this phone is so smooth that it blows my mind. Compared to the Intercept, it seems like it’s a million times faster and takes less than 2 seconds for any app to load up, whereas on the Intercept it took forever for anything to load up. 2 years ago it was fast, but with apps being updated, taking up more space, and being designed for the newer generation of phones, things have just slowed down considerably.

So far, the only thing that I don’t like about the phone is that you can’t move your apps to the SD card. I’m hoping that won’t be an issue though since I got the 16gb version of the phone and that should be more than enough memory for my usage. The Intercept had about 160mb of memory and I was very limited on what apps I was able to download and the more I downloaded, the slower the phone was.  I’ve already downloaded most of what I had and I’m not even taking up 1 gig yet.  Another thing I don’t like about it is the bloatware that it comes packed with, but alas, you’re going to get that with every phone you purchase and the only way you’re going to ameliorate that is to root your phone.

I can’t wait for a few months down the road to see how this phone performs after some use.